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Great Values. Great Attitudes. Great People.

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We are a growing newco running the innovative laundry service for tourists in Rome.
Always enjoying, working every day at our very best …and always improving ourselves and building relations with our clients!!
Alessandro, Federico, Marianna & Vincenzo are just some of the italian laundry mates with an Anglo-Saxon culture…
A good mix to carry out a good job!!!

We know what clients need because we’ve been working as drivers and guides for ages and know all the procedures and how the service should be run for tours in order to offer such a highly efficient service.
If you’re one of our clients who does the laundry any time you come to Rome, we’d like to thank you for your business.

We hope that our laundry services are exceeding your expectations.

After all, your satisfaction is our top priority!!

What They Say

Joey, 11 May Designation

To colleagues on the road: I just used @Washing Rome for a hotel door to door service wash + fold and the quality + price was great. My guests very happy so if you are interested then look them up. I can pass on details if you like!

Victor, 11 August Designation

Thank you great service

Julie, 12 September Designation

Thank you again Washing Rome. My group extremely happy with your service. Fantastic!!! Xxxx grazie Mille!!

Zsofi, 7 January Designation

Thank you, awesome service!! 🙂